Dual Current: Inseparable Elements in Painting and Architecture, Curated by Gabriele Evertz

Dual Current: Inseparable Elements in Painting and Architecture
Curated by Gabriele Evertz
Clara M. Eagle Upper Gallery
Murray State University
Murray, KY
January 16 – February 22, 2018
Opening: Thursday, April 5, 5-7pm

The new exhibition, Dual Current: Inseparable Elements in Painting and Architecture, examines the relationship between painting and architecture, closely intertwined since the Renaissance, in a contemporary context through color, shape and theory. Curated by artist and Hunter College professor Gabriele Evertz, the works link three-dimensional space and the picture plane to create radical new forms. In this show, elements of modernist art and architecture share common characteristics such as reductive forms, innovative materials and pure, saturated colors. Open spaces, planar forms and especially bright colors create “emotional architecture” that has a powerful impact on the psyche.

Artists whose works are featured in this exhibition are: Josef Albers (American, b. Germany, 1888–1976), Matthew Deleget (American, b. 1972), Peter Dudek (American, b.1952), Cris Gianakos (Greek-American, b. 1934), Michelle Grabner (American, b.1962), Lynne Harlow (American, b.1968), Changha Hwang (Korean, b.1969), Russell Maltz (American, b.1952), Rossana Martinez (Puerto Rican, b.1969), Kristine Marx (American, b.1969) and Manfred Mohr (German, b.1938). Dual Current is organized for travel by Ewing Gallery, University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

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