Wild Stijl, 2017
Enamel spray paint on 3 panels and wall
110 x 124 inches / 280 x 314 cm approximately

Open Air Museum De Lakenhal / 100 Years After De Stijl
Organized by Iemke van Dijk & Guido Winkler
Museum De Lakenhal at Pieterskerk
Leiden, The Netherlands
June 1 – August 27, 2017

In 1917, Theo van Doesburg founded the magazine De Stijl in Leiden, The Netherlands. To celebrate its 100th anniversary, artist and curators Iemke van Dijk and Guido Winkler organized a series of exhibitions throughout the city, one of which was Open Air Museum De Lakenhal, an outdoor mural exhibition.

I’ve done many spray-over monochrome paintings over the past decade, but this was my first one outdoors and the first where I rearranged the order of the panels after painting them on the wall.

I consider the color palette red, yellow, blue a readymade. I used one can of spraypaint to cover each panel. My intent was to cover the surface of the panel completely and to empty the can of paint. Obviously, I also presented the panels where I painted them, where process and presentation are unified.

As the show was outside and on the street, I wanted the work to be immediate, blunt, and low tech, like a construction fence here in NYC. I didn’t want to make a pretty picture, a tasteful composition. My only challenge creating the project was the spray paint available in the Netherlands, which I found to be too “artistic”, too fine. The spray paint I generally use is enamel, glossy, and makes a huge mess when applying it with sprays and drips everywhere.

The title of the piece is “Wild Stijl”, a hybrid of De Stijl and Wild Style, the movie about NYC graffiti and hip hop culture.

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