Matthew Deleget, Vanitas (Sun Yellow), 2014, Enamel spray paint on canvas and decorative frame, 21 x 25 x 3.5 inches

Matthew Deleget: Vanitas
Philip Slein Gallery
4735 McPherson Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63108
January 29 – March 12, 2016
Opening: Friday, January 29, 5-8pm
Gallery Talk with Curator Jeffrey Uslip: Saturday, March 12, 2pm

Matthew Deleget is the founder and director of Minus Space Gallery, who has exhibited his work nationally and internationally. His work was included in the 2014 Whitney Biennial and is in the collection of the Saint Louis Art Museum. Matthew writes regarding the Vanitas paintings:

“For this exhibition, I am presenting a suite of new monochrome paintings made of enamel spray paint on canvas and highly decorative frames. The works fuse painting and its formal presentation into a single visual experience and examine perceived issues of taste and authority within the theater of an exhibition space. These works were specifically informed by Dutch vanitas/still life painting of the 16th-17th centuries, Piet Mondrian’s neoplastic paintings from the 1920s-1940s, and the Radical Painting Group active in NYC during the 1970s-1980s.”

Matthew Deleget
Vanitas (Sun Yellow), 2014
Enamel spray paint on canvas and decorative frame
21 x 25 x 3.5 inches

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