Matthew Deleget, Colour Light Time, Curated by David Thomas, Two Rooms, Auckland, New Zealand

Ten Artists Look at Monochromes Now
by John Hurrell
September 22, 2010

“…The projected DVD by David Sequeira shows two identical twins (or perhaps the artist in duplicate?) shaking hands while wearing superimposed monochromatic coloured shirts. The flickering optical bombardment of saturated colour is drolly amusing as an unstable foil to the enactment of a legal agreement, and this affability is a beautiful contrast to the violence of Matthew Deleget’s six panels positioned nearby. They are painted fluorescent yellow, and three have had their centres smashed out with a hammer.

Deleget’s action implies an antagonism to monochromes, if not a hostility to art in general, or perhaps the paint application of his own examples? He might be providing a gesture that is calculatedly open to any kind of interpretation, or he may simply be enraged by any implication of transcendental symbolism, or the hue yellow itself…”

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