Colour Light Time
Curated by David Thomas
Two Rooms
16 Putiki Street
Newton 1145 Auckland
New Zealand
September 9 – October 9, 2010
Private view: Thursday, September 9, 6-8pm

Colour and light are capable of generating diverse culturally loaded readings as well as strong physical sensations. Their readings are complex, interpreted as physical phenomena (sensation) and symbolic codes (knowledge).

The exhibition grows out of an interest in the tradition and diverse readings of the MONOCHROME via painting to include: constructions, interventions, photography, moving-image and installation by New Zealand and international artists. BUT rather than interpreting the MONOCHROME as a traditional formalist model, the exhibition brings the MONOCHROME into the C21where it is employed as a device to manifest an awareness of colour, light, movement and time AMID THE WORLD in order to help us see our experiencing of our world.

The artworks in this exhibition celebrate complexity, transience, and the contingent nature of being. They offer us a range of approaches whilst engaging us with experiencing, perceiving, understanding, reading and feeling and ask us to consider how these processes unfold and develop over time.

This project exhibits works by established international artists alongside works of a newer generation.

THE ARTISTS include:
Joachim Bandau (GER), Lisa Benson (NZ), Christoph Dahlhausen (GER), Matthew Deleget (USA), Noel Ivanoff (NZ), Laresa Kosloff (AUS), William Mackrell (UK), Simon Morris (NZ), David Sequeira (AUS), David Thomas (AUS).

The contemplative layered watercolours of Joachim Bandau (GER), manifest movement and time.

Lisa Benson (NZ) photographic drawings emphasizes time through the recording of changing light in the tradition of concrete photography.

The glass and vinyl film works of Christoph Dahlhausen (GER), are informed by Non Objective and phenomenological explorations of light and colour, placed in situ that play with reflection, light and colour

Noel Ivanoff (NZ). His work manifests time and duration through a sensitive material awareness of gesture, structure and fabrication.

Matthew Deleget (USA) produces paintings/ installations that exploit the monochrome tradition via specific use of encoded colour and exaggerated gesture to address political and psychological content.

The video works of Laresa Kosloff (AUS) use colour, timing to combine the tropes of sport and modernism to create works of contemplation and humour.

William Mackrell (UK). His photos and his use of cones of light to pictorialise space with ordinary materials in a manner that enables us become aware of our changing experience of space, light in time .

The durational paintings of Simon Morris (NZ) manifest time through their use of colour, process and materiality to generate an awareness of movement of time and space.

David Sequeira (AUS). His long study of the colour in paintings and installations has been translated into a new body of photographic and video works manifesting time and change, in an affectionate and playful manner.

The photopaintings and paintings of David Thomas (AUS) use the monochrome as a vehicle/interval in assisting us to recognise what surrounds it where it is placed amid the world.

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