Installation view of American Abstract Artists International

American Abstract Artists International
The Aragonese Castle of Otranto
Otranto, Italy
June 18-28, 2010

60 years ago an American Abstract Artists exhibition traveled to Europe and included stops in Rome and Munich. In June 2010, American Abstract Artists exhibited in American Abstract Artists International “L’astrazione vista da un cosmopolita” at the Aragonese Castle of Otranto in Otranto, Italy.

The exhibition included work by 50 AAA members and guest exhibitors from Italy. A brochure accompanied the exhibition, with an essay by Lucio Pozzi in three languages. The show was sponsored by BAU Institute and the Aragonese Castle of Otranto. The Aragonese Castle of Otranto is a member of Sistema Museo, a National Museum System in Italy.

Otranto is located on the Adriatic Sea, at the eastern-most point of the Salento peninsula, in the southeastern region of Puglia.

Installation view with my Ghost Painting (2007) above the door.

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