War Monochrome (Sleeper Cell), 2007
White monochrome painting, white spray paint on canvas and wall
16 x 20 inches

Pacific Street: Julian Dashper, Matthew Deleget, Simon Ingram & Rossana Martinez
rm103, Auckland, New Zealand, 2007

rm103 is a non-profit venue located in a found office space in downtown Auckland. The walls were kept their original cream color and the floor covered in blue-gray carpet. The work I contributed to the show was a site-specific painting, a white monochrome. I purchased a simple, low profile, ready-made canvas, hung it on the wall, and then sprayed an entire can of white spray paint across the face of it. The spray paint coated the surface of the canvas and spread out onto the wall on all four sides, creating a kind of blurry aura around it. The work is based on the concept of a sleeper cell, which is a group of agents belonging to a foreign or terrorist organization that lies dormant and unseen inside a population until commanded to act.

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