Pink Nightmare, 2007
Pink monochrome painting (acrylic on panel), hit with a hammer
18 x 24 inches

Continuum: In Celebration of 70 Years of American Abstract Artists
St. Peters College Art Gallery, Jersey City, NJ, 2007

Tobey Fine Arts, New York, NY, 2007

Presque Rien 2
Curated by Gavin Turk & Cedric Christie
Laure Genillard Gallery, London, United Kingdom, 2009

I have been thinking a lot about monochrome painting lately, in particular how rigidly dogmatic and downright macho it can be. I wanted to make a piece that confronted this issue head on and sabotaged it. I emasculated my monochome, Pink Nightmare, by painting it a bubblegum pink and then beating the crap out of it with a hammer, until the piece was literally a shell of its former self. Unlike Fontana and other precedents who pierced the surface of a painting in a tasteful, aestheticized way, I was determined to make something distasteful, even vulgar. For me, Pink Nightmare is a kind of exorcism.

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