Shuffle Paintings, 2006-present
Acrylic on masonite, each painting consists of 4 colors chosen at random, wall color also chosen at random
20 x 20 inches

transit — abstract I, II, III
project space Henselmann Tower, Berlin, Germany, 2006

Non Objectif Sud
La Barallière, Tulette, France, 2006

Matthew Deleget & Michael Zahn
ie. Contemporary Art Projects, Toowoomba, Australia, 2008

Abstract Realities
University of Southern Queensland Gallery, Toowoomba, Australia, 2009

We Go Far…And Way Back
Show Gallery, Staten Island, NY, 2009

Color Climate
Alejandra von Hartz Gallery, Miami, FL, 2010

This ongoing series of painting is inspired by the shuffle feature on my iPod. Each painting is restricted to four colors, each chosen at random. The walls on which the paintings are installed are also painted colors chosen at random.

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  1. Wouter Nijland says:

    Hey Matthew,

    I like the concept you are using with the Shuffle paintings very much. I find them playful and very true. There are paintings everywhere, in ipods, sreensavers, so on. I use chance in the form of dice, marbles and coins, to make work. Nice to see your work.

    Wouter Nijland.

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