No If’s, No But’s, No Maybe’s, 2007
Three monochrome paintings (acrylic on panel), hit with a hammer
24 x 68 inches overall (24 x 18 inches each)
Private collection

Metaphor Contemporary Art, Brooklyn, NY, 2007

No If’s, No But’s, No Maybe’s uses the default primary color setting red, yellow, and blue. This color structure has been used by countless artists over the past hundred years or so, and this work is both a homage to and subversion of that.

No If’s is about the end of orthodoxy. The title was inspired by an evangelist street preacher I listened to for more than an hour in a crowded subway car on the way to a friend’s apartment for Easter brunch. In a heavy Jamaican accent, the preacher kept droning on and on, “no eeefs…no botts…no maybeees, you will gooooooooo to hell.” Indeed. Change your ways, or straight to hell boys.

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