Monochrome (Sleeper Cells), 2007
White monochrome paintings, flat white latex paint on three mirrored papers, silver pushpins
40 x 100 inches overall; each panel 40 x 32 inches

Breaking the White Light
Curated by Scott Malbaurn
Platform, New York, NY, 2007

Notations: Under the Influence of John Cage
Curated by Joachim Pissarro, Julio Grinblatt & Bibi Calderaro
Hunter College Time Square Gallery, New York, NY, 2012

The conceit of this exhibition was the prismatic potential of white light. For the show, I made a kind of white light echo chamber consisting of white paint rolled out onto three sheets of mirrored paper. The approach was straightforward and matter of fact. I wanted to make a work that was both subsumed by and stood apart from the wall. The white paint I selected was the exact same used by the gallery to paint the walls. The edges of the mirrored paper dissolved into the wall depending on the angle of the lighting.

The idea for rolling out paint in this particular piece came from graffiti eradication near my studio. I find it interesting how property owners try to cover up graffiti by sloppily rolling paint over it, never taking much care in the process. Their purpose is just to get rid of the graffiti, irregardless of the final aesthetic results. Usually the new paint is a slightly different value and hue than the original wall color. The result usually ends up looking like a bunch of floating blocks of color on a slightly different colored field, something similar to an An Reinhardt painting.

The title of the work is based on the concept of a sleeper cell, which is a group of agents belonging to a foreign or terrorist organization that lies dormant and unseen inside a population until commanded to act. This was the second white monochrome piece I did on this subject (the first was in Auckland, New Zealand).

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