Monochrome (Asymmetric Warfare), 2007
Black monochrome painting, black spray paint on canvas and wall
36 x 24 inches approximately

New Advances in Abstract Painting
Tobey Fine Arts, New York, NY, 2007

Monochrome (Asymmetric Warfare) was my largest site-specific spray paint monochrome to-date. The piece, which was installed off-center on a large wall at the gallery, was incited by the Asymmetric Warfare Group, a new unit of the United States military created during the Global War on Terrorism. Asymmetric warfare refers to war between two groups whose relative military power differs significantly, including differences in goals, strategies, tactics, and available resources. My work, which was in essence a scorch mark on the wall resembling a bomb-drop, complemented artist Richard Bell’s target painting on the adjacent wall.

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