Heart on Fire, 2006
Performance and site-specific installation at H29, Brussels, Belgium
Collaboration with Rossana Martinez

Matthew Deleget & Rossana Martinez
H29, Brussels, Belgium, 2006

This exhibition…Melanie Crader, Matthew Deleget, Mick Johnson & Rossana Martinez
Gallery Sonja Roesch, Houston, TX, 2007

This was my first collaborative project with my wife, artist Rossana Martinez. It consisted of a performance entitled Heart on Fire and an installation called Yellow Aid Station.

The performance was a short run through the Parc de Bruxelles Warande, during which we wore monochrome running clothes — Rossana in orange, I wore red. Rossana started from one point of the park and I started from the opposite side. We ran towards each other until we met and ended the run with a kiss Our idea was to make two colored lines through real time and space. The final photograph of the kiss was taken by a passerby who watched us performed and couldn’t help but ask to get involved in our project. Documentation of the performance — photos, maps, clothing, etc. — were exhibited in the gallery.

In addition to the performance, we also created an installation based on a runner’s aid station, which is usually a long table filled with cups of water. In our installation, however, the aid station consisted of a table with a grid of cups filled with wine and beer, which was consumed by the public during the opening. This work was part installation, part performance.

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