Machine Learning
Henry Brown, Terry Haggerty, Gilbert Hsiao & Douglas Melini

Curated by Matthew Deleget

Gallery Sonja Roesch
Houston, TX
March 8 – May 3, 2008
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The Painting Center*
New York, NY
November 27 – December 22, 2007
* The exhibition also included a special project room installation by artist Michael Zahn.
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Boyden Gallery
St. Mary’s College of Maryland
St. Mary’s City, MD
September 4-28, 2007
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An exhibition examining pattern painting in the information age, featuring four NYC-based artists Henry Brown, Terry Haggerty, Gilbert Hsiao & Douglas Melini.

The title of the exhibition, Machine Learning, is inspired by a part of artificial intelligence concerned with the development of algorithms that allow computers to “learn”. Machine learning recognizes patterns within massive sets of information and has a wide range of real-world applications, the most ubiquitous of which is the Internet search engine.

The exhibition Machine Learning examines the relationship between abstraction and the information age, and presents four artists making new forms of pattern-based painting. The exhibition raises multiple questions. How has abstraction responded to the irresistible siren call of the Internet? How has abstraction digested the appearance, logic, and behavior of the Internet? And finally, with every conceivable kind of information now available at the click of a mouse, what are contemporary abstract artists’ core concerns?

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