“In works from his Case Study series (2005), Matthew Deleget creates reductive paintings loosely modeled after the forms, designs, and concepts of the avant-garde, architectural Case Study House (CSH) program (1945-1960). The CSH program represents America’s most significant contribution to mid-century architecture and continues to have, to this day, influence as a reductive yet experimental system for innovative design and constuction. Working with acrylic on unprimed wood and smooth linen, Deleget builds up his surfaces with colors to create what he calls “painted structures”. After these “painted structures” are created, he then makes visual adjustments. These works reflect an interest in pattern, geometry, and architecture, referencing domestic elements sch as swimming pools, driveways, rooflines, and terraced gardens. With attention to structural design and form, Deleget draws from personal experience and nostalgic reflections to create work that has a low-tech, visceral quality. Deleget creates what he calls “social abstractions.” His paintings are not only inspired by the CSH program as it relates to popular culture today. On a deeper level, it is his belief, made evident by his evocative titles such as Case Study – Heathen (2005), Case Study – Villian (2005), and Case Study – Outsider (2005), that his work can also be understood as indicative of a critical, analytic position.”

Abbey Ryan, Presentational Painting III catalog, Hunter College/Times Square Gallery, 2006 | 2006 | words | Tags: , | Comments (0)

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