“The David Allen Gallery features the work of Charles and Ray Eames, known for their modern furniture designs, that combine style, art, and usefulness. The artists, who worked from the 1940s to 1970s as a couple serve as an inspiration to Martinez and Deleget, who are showing together for the first time in ten years. Most appealing to Deleget and Martinez was the Eames’ “Case Study House #8,” where their own home was meshed with their studio and was built on principles of low-cost, yet high-design.

“They had this great idea for their exhibition to incorporate aspects of the gallery, as we are a home and furniture retailer,” said Amy Schmersal, gallery manager. “Matthew and Rossana admire them and take a lot of inspiration from them. They are exploring what to live and work in a space together as a couple is.”

Included in “Home” will be two spatial installations by Martinez and Deleget’s Case Study House series. Both involve a strong use of color and incorporate a sense of architecture to their designs. While Martínez’s focus is more on urban home and planning using materials found in the home, Deleget’s idea is the home using geometric painting.

“We have been working together in the same studio. We usually work at the same time. We really share this space and also while we are creating or thinking about possible works we are always communicating and talking to each other,” said Martinez. She described their home as a laboratory where they live with and install their artwork, as well as other fellow artists’ work. Each piece is almost a puzzle that fits into the framework of the house.

“We are combining all these things and making it, like a balanced way of living,” she said. Deleget added, “Our vision of all of this is to really be holistic. We envision the artistic project individually and combined.”

He continued, “It is an experimental ground for creation. We really look to the Eameses as sort of a roll model for that. They thought about things holistically — their home and are are one.” They explore what home means here and internationally, as well as what it means to critique and curate each others work.

Living in Brooklyn is also an added benefit to these artists’ idea of home, as there are so many different artisans and craftspeople in the borough at this very moment. “Brooklyn is a tremendously creative and vibrant city. We are really invested in this community,” said Deleget. “So one of the things is identifying ourselves as Brooklyn people, Brooklyn artists inventing ourselves in the community.”

Taking this idea of what it means to be American, using utopian high-end design and high-art, “Home” brings this message to the masses — something that began with the Eameses.

Artist from around the world who share these ideas with Martínez and Deleget have taken part in another curatorial, critical project on www.minusspace.com. The site features essays, works and critical reviews of more than 30 artists exhibiting in the international community.”

Christy Goodman, “Stay ‘Home’ for Intriguing Modern Works”, Brooklyn Arts 24/7, March 1, 2004 | 2004 | words | Tags: , , , , | Comments (0)

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