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“Deleget does drawings. To begin, he hovers over the blank paper and prepares his mind. He focuses and envisions (as an example) the fabric of space as a map of grids for reference points. Space without reference points is, of course unimaginable, except in the state of meditation where being and nothingness become one. Space appears to be warped according to the physicists. Matthew Deleget, however is dealing with conceptual space, a classical Kantian world where reason is imposed upon the world giving it order. Putting pen and ink to paper Matthew expresses with elegance what his mind has created. He does this with colors and patterns which suggest the calm elegance of mathematical thought, the unperturbed pure world of essences and closed systems of pure reason, a priori analytic thought…a world unto itself totally unaware of other worlds. To view Matthew’s work is to be drawn into this rarefied beauteous world. The question arises in critical circles: has intelligence replaced beauty? Not here, beauty abounds! ReneĆ© Dumal wrote of Mount Analogue and Matthew has envisioned it’s peak: “Oh high, remote in the sky, above and beyond successive circles of increasingly lofty peaks, lies the utmost pinnacle of Mount Analogue. There, he who sees each thing accomplished in its beginning and in it’s end resides unto himself. The “art” for both Deleget…is as much the “act” of creating it as is the product itself, perhaps more so.”

Terrance Lindall, “The Epistemological Movement in Late 20th Century Art: The Williamsburg Circle”, New York Arts Magazine, February 2002 | 2002 | words | Tags: , | Comments (0)

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