“With a poetic ransacking of the universe, Matthew Deleget uses his images to erase the boundaries between the physical, psychic, and spiritual experience. Deleget’s premise is that the material universe is knowable only through pattern, i.e. form and proportion, rather than through matter, i.e. particles or quanta. In other words, shape and harmony define the universe, rather than units or quantities. Pattern and configurations combine to create a new level of understanding about the energy and structure of infinite space in the universe. His Cosmic Volume, of 1998, is an example of the cosmos perceived as form and proportion. Using silver metallic ink on black handmade paper, Deleget evokes a cosmic construct that is at once compact and airy, pristine and brilliant. His Red Cosmic Temple, also of 1998, adds subtle organic variation to the effects of light, color, and pattern. The vivid color of his Stellar Radiation, of 1998, creates a spectacular burst of energy that is both vibrant and intricate.”

Nancy Holland, Adjunct Professor of Art History, Drew University, unpublished review, July 1998 | 1998 | words | Tags: , | Comments (0)

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